Buying a Colosseum ticket in advance means you can visit whenever you like, and walk past the lines to go straight into the monument, as well as Rome’s imperial Forum and Palatine Hill.

Standard entrance ticket for Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill

This ticket allows you to walk past the long lines outside the Colosseum. €16 per adult, €6 per child.

Some people like to be guided, others are more independent of heart. If you like exploring by yourself, here’s an option to explore three of the most majestic attractions of Rome at a most attractive price. For only €18 per adult and €6 per child, you get to visit not just the mighty Colosseum, but also the teeming heart of ancient Rome – the imperial Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. All of this can be seen in whichever order you like, with the chance to linger over the things that excite you, without being asked  to hurry up, or move onto the next spot.

Here’s to an adventure that brings you face-to-face with fascinating stories from the past. This is where you witness sagas, from hair-raising battles and electrifying performances, to experiencing the zeal of celebrating ancient Roman festivals. Such long historical walks call for every bit of your energy, so then why even walk up to the ticket counter? Save it. That’s right, no hectic queues, no long hours of wait and certainly no deceiving facts. Just a cent percent authentic Roman experience at your convenience, take your time at each of the spots and let the beauty sink in.Choose a date and time for your Colosseum visit >

Amongst all the fun, please note that outside the highly visited tourist spots in Rome there can be many crowds and so it pays to take care where it comes to your personal belongings. Here’s how to avoid the pickpockets.

Did you know?

  • Once you’ve bought your ticket it is valid until the end of the year in which you bought it, so get it in advance!
  • The ticket is to the Forum, The Colosseum, and the Palatine Hill. Read more on our sister site >
  • The email you receive needs to be validated and exchanged for a full ticket at one of the entrances.
  • After you’ve validated your ticket by using it once, you can then re-use it as many times as you like for the next three days.
  • Pro tip: if the Colosseum door looks busy, just walk 200 yards up Via dei Fori Imperiali and validate your ticket at the entrance with much smaller lines.